Les Consultants C. Roy offers tailored support and counseling that adjust to your needs. Our personalized approach aims for optimal cooperation with our clients to encourage prompt reintegration of employees and efficient processing of files regardless of the type of claim, whether it is CNESST, employment insurance, SAAQ or IVAC.


Since 1999, Les Consultants C. Roy has privileged a humane approach, and more specifically an approach personalized to each client. We go beyond mere phone calls and by prioritizing meetings in your establishments. Our employees’ expertise enables them to propose solutions founded on results so you benefit from a solid return on your investment, namely with reduced contributions. Our solutions adapt to your culture and your organizational needs. We offer a rigourous management of files all the while respecting workers.

Our Approach


Grasp the issue or problem and understand your needs and your reality.


Study the file to identify solution options and the coaching required for your type of business and your organizational structure.


Present an intervention strategy during a meeting or in a written proposal.


Offer occasional support or required turnkey services based on the size of your organization and its needs.

Be proactive!

Whether it is for one or several issues related to CNESST or disability, or a post-accident inquiry, for general counselling or to obtain training or benefit from coaching, we can help you.


In the current context of manpower shortages, staff retention and the efficient management of absenteeism becomes even more important.


According to Lucie Morin, professor at the École des sciences de la gestion de l’UQAM, replacing one employee can cost an organization between 30% and 200% of their annual salary based on the competencies sought and acquired.


According to Statistics Canada’s study on the active population, absenteeism in Quebec costs on average 11.9 days per employee. Hence, employers can dedicate up to 20% of their payroll to direct and indirect costs related to unforeseen absences.


Since 1985, employers in Quebec are bound by the Loi sur les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnelles. This law applies to workplace accidents and professional illnesses, including relapses, recidivism and aggravation of conditions since the law took effect. The impact on contributions, fees and indemnities is complex.


The costs incurred by poor management or lack of prevention programs in terms of workplace health and safety can have very negative consequences for your organization. Since 1999, Les Consultants C. Roy distinguish themselves in the field of absence management, whether it is workplace accidents or disability claims.

Key statistics

The number of people who had a workplace accident in 2017, which translates into an average of 236 accidents a day.


The increase in disability insurance premiums since 2014, according to the Aon Hewitt firm, specialized in welfare benefits. Salary insurance represents 20% of group insurance costs.

The cost of staff turnover in Canadian companies in 2013.


If we need someone on site at our offices, can you provide this service?

Whether it is to replace an employee’s leave, to fill a person’s departure while waiting for a replacement, or to conduct on-site management at regular intervals, we can offer you this service without any problem.

Who will handle our records if we do business with you?

All our clients have an appointed advisor. This advisor will be the contact person for all your files. By always having the same person assigned to your company, he/she can better understand your business philosophy and understand the issues that go beyond absence records. The proposed strategies will therefore be adapted to suit your company.

If I only have a few questions or files to validate, can I call you?

Whether you have a simple question to validate or a few files that require help, we will be glad to help you. Our goal is to help all employers, regardless of their needs.

Our company has only a few files a year, are we too small to call upon your services?

Not at all, it will be our pleasure to help you no matter what the size of your business is. Most small businesses do not have a human resources department. We can therefore support and coach you as you go along with the different steps to take in your disability file.

How do you calculate your fees?

We charge an hourly rate. This varies according to the advisor’s experience. It is also possible to obtain a monthly or annual fee in certain cases. Do not hesitate to contact us for this purpose.

You have more questions?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, we invite you to submit it by filling our Contact Form.


We advise and support small, medium and large organizations in various fields within private, public or parapublic sectors. We offer tailored support to help with occasional or ongoing needs. Here are some examples of the sectors we cover:


Personnel recruitment and placement



Public transportation



And much more…



We appreciate the high level of professionalism, rigor and efficiency of C. Roy Consultants. dynamic team dedicated to understanding our needs. In short, an efficient, high quality service that we could not do without!

Hélène Gravel
Head of the Workplace Attendance Management Section at the STM

I was recommended to use the services of Consultants C. Roy to support me on two CNESST files. They quickly understood that the major impact was not of a CNESST nature, but rather a financial impact on my company: a hairdressing chair should be used to the maximum. I appreciated their efficiency in comprehending the situation and their human side while dealing with the workers. In their exchange with workers, they handled the subject with tact. I recommend them to everyone, even small businesses can benefit from their services.

Angela Palombi
Owner of Hairdresser De Carrini

We have been using the services of C.Roy Consultants since 2006. With their presence and follow-up, we are always aware of the actions that need to be taken or made in our files. They have an excellent ability to present information, especially the medical information, so that we understand better. We are totally satisfied with their services.

Julie Cailhier
Health and Safety Advisor, Groupe Novatech


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